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  1. Westcott - Rapid Box Deflector Plate

    SKU: WE-2030-DP

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    A must-have accessory for every Rapid Box speedlite shooter. This versatile accessory eliminates hot spots and doubles as a beauty dish. Combine with either the 20" Rapid Box Octa Mini, the Rapid Box Strip, or the 26" Rapid Box Octa. Screws directly onto the Rapid Box's center assembly rod.
  2. Westcott - PocketBox Max 8" x 12"

    SKU: WE-267

    In stock

    This PocketBox Max Flash Softbox sets up in seconds and can be used with virtually any off-camera or on-camera flash.
  3. Westcott - 3-Light uLite Kit

    SKU: WE-403

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    This complete 3-light kit offers a main and fill light, as well as a third background light which will add depth and dimension to your subject.
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3 Item(s)
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