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  1. Westcott - Speedlite ProGrip

    SKU: WE-5140

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    The extremely versatile and super comfortable Speedlite ProGrip is a dream for any off-camera flash photographer and uniquely designed to mount speedlites and radio triggers onto one handheld, custom molded grip.

  2. Westcott - Illusions PhotoKey 6 Green Screen Bundle - Lite

    SKU: WE-417

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    Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, this kit contains everything needed to master the art of green screen technology.

  3. Westcott - 32" Optical White Satin with Removable Black Cover Umbrella

    SKU: WE-2012

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    Westcott has been building umbrellas for over 110 years and were the first to bring the collapsible telescoping shaft to the photo industry.
  4. Westcott - 17"x50" Silver Stripbank (500-watt MAX)

    SKU: WE-789

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    A strip bank is used ideally as a hair, rim or accent light. Each unit comes standard with two heat vents, 4 assembly rods, an inner and outer diffusion panel, and protective carry case.
4 Item(s)
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Portrait and studio photographers, Woodland Hills Camera has the backgrounds, rigs, stands and lighting systems that you need to capture the best studio images. We have most items in stock and can get whatever you need quickly to build the studio of your dreams.